Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme

Enrolment Fee:

From €949

This CME-accredited spine endoscopy course provides surgeons with a thorough grounding in the theory and the current uses of endoscopic spine surgery techniques. It is designed for spine surgeons, and orthopaedic and neurosurgical fellows in training for spine surgery, who wish to understand more about endoscopic techniques.

This spine endoscopy course includes:

15 Endoscopic spine surgery lectures

The lectures have been created and narrated by world experts on endoscopic spine surgery – Prof Hayati Aygü​n, Dr Satishchandra Gore, Dr Arvind Kulkarni, and Dr Hyeun-Sung Kim.

Endoscopic spine surgery tutorial

Two-hour online presentation of a live endoscopic spine surgery by an experienced endoscopic spine surgeon with a question and answer section at the end of the session.

28 Additional lectures from our spine diploma

Extra lectures for in-depth lectures include all Degenerative Disorders of the Thoracolumbar Spine module lectures, as well as others on anatomy and corrective surgery that are relevant to endoscopic spine surgery.


Over 100 downloadable references

Many referred book chapters and articles are included and can be downloaded to read offline.

Up to 129 CME credits

Each successful lecture assessment confers 3 CME credits – 45 CME credits for completing the endoscopy lectures, and up to 84 for completing the 28 extra included lectures.


30 Quizzes and assessments

Test your progress throughout the learning process.


Final spine endoscopy exam

A one-hour online invigilated examination with questions from all of the lectures you’ve studied.

12 Months access

The Endoscopy Spine Surgery Programme content is available for 12 months from the time you activate it.

Certificate of completion

Digital certificate sent to you once all lecture assessments passed, final exam passed and endoscopy tutorial attended.

Interview with the spine endoscopy course editor, Prof. Dr. Hayati Aygün

Find out more about the course, the editor of the Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme, Prof Hayati Aygün, and his thoughts on the future of endoscopic spine surgery. This special online interview was conducted by Co-ordinating Editor of the eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme, Prof Max Aebi:

The full interview

Interview Video Chapter Points

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About Prof Aygün and transferring to Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Learning spine endoscopy today and the Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme

The Future of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Short clips from the interview

Endoscopic surgery of the spine provides great advantages for the patient. However, applying the same approach and technique for every pathology may sometimes cause serious complications and failures… so it’s very important to gain enough basic knowledge before [performing] endoscopic surgery.

On spine endoscopy theory

In fact, the spine surgeon can [learn endoscopy] at every stage [of their career]. However, I would also like to point out that endoscopic adaptation is easier for young surgeons. Therefore it maybe important to start endoscopic surgery during the fellowship and the residency period.

On who can learn spine endoscopy

Endoscopic spine surgery will replace many surgical techniques used for microsurgery and segmented stabilization. In addition, endoscopic stabilization techniques have now easily become an alternative to techniques such as transforaminal lumber interbody fusion, direct lateral interbody fusion etc.

On replacing traditional spine surgery techniques

Why study the Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme?

The world experts on spine endoscopy

Our endoscopic spine surgery faculty are highly experienced world-class surgeons and innovators in the field of spine endoscopy.

Fits around your schedule

With our online courses, you can study whenever you like, wherever you are – and fit it around your busy schedule.

CME accredited

Read a textbook on spine surgery and no-one will know, but complete our course and you will gain 45 CME credits as proof of your study to put on your CV / Resume.

Progress your career

Take your knowledge to the next level and gain a solid understanding of the new field of spine endoscopy.


It takes approximately 3 hours of study to complete each lecture, with study material and references readily available for those who want to find out more. The whole programme can be completed in 3-6 months. You can enrol and start the Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme immediately.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme image - an online course in spine endoscopy

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme

The full Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme with over 100 downloadable references including book chapters and journal articles.

Enrol with One-Time Fee – €949


What's included

The Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme includes:

  • 15 Online endoscopic spine surgery lectures
  • 30 Quizzes and assessments
  • Over 100 downloadable references
  • 28 Additional lectures from our Diploma in Spine Surgery, including all lectures from Module 3 – Degenerative Disorders of the Thoracolumbar Spine
  • Online endoscopic spine surgery tutorial
  • 45 CME credits
  • 1 Attempt at the final exam
  • 12 Month access

About this programme: This programme constructs the base of knowledge required for endoscopic spine surgery. It assumes you are an established spine surgeon, but with no prior experience in endoscopic techniques. It starts with how endoscopic spine surgery techniques and equipment have developed over recent decades and why classifications and terminology are still in a state of flux. The bulk of the lectures cover specific techniques – including Tubular Spine Endoscopy and Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy. Lecturers share their experiences and case studies of each technique, providing advice on which technique to use and when, and where standard spine surgery techniques would be more appropriate.

Ideal for:

  • Board certified orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons who already have strong knowledge and experience of traditional spine surgery
  • Early practice endoscopic spine surgeons seeking gold standard methods in endoscopic spine surgery, or continuing education

References: You will be able to see reference information (title, authors, journal etc) for all references, and be able to download over 300 journal articles and book chapters. Please note that not all references are available for download due to rights restrictions. You will also have access to 28 full Lectures from our Diploma in Spine Surgery that are referred to in this programme.

Enrolment: When you pay and enrol, you will be issued with an activation key for your course to use on lms.eccelearning.com. The course will be available to you for 12 months.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme Foundation Bundle image - an online course in spine endoscopy with extra in-depth Modules in Spine Surgery.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme - Foundation Bundle

This bundle includes the Endoscopy Spine Surgery Programme and lectures from two modules of our Diploma in Spine Surgery. This gives you a thorough foundation in spine surgery techniques as they relate to endoscopy, without having to go through our full Diploma in Spine Surgery. Gain over 200 CME credits for completing all lectures.

Enrol with One-Time Fee – €1499


What's included

The ESSP Foundation Bundle Includes:

* Please note that this bundle contains the diploma module lectures only, and does not include the module tutorials or module exams. It does, however, include all downloadable references from the deluxe packages of these modules for in-depth study.

Ideal for:

  • Early career spine surgeons looking to incorporate endoscopic techniques into their practice soon
  • Spine Fellows looking to improve their chances of a fellowship in spine endoscopy

Spine endoscopy lectures included in the course

History and philosophy of endoscopic spine surgery

Dr Satishchandra Gore

History of Endoscopic Spine Surgery  Lecture

Endoscopic spine surgery classifications

Prof Hayati Aygün

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Classifications Lecture

Transforaminal spine endoscopy

Dr Satishchandra Gore

Transforaminal Spine Endoscopy Lecture


Dr Satishchandra Gore

Foraminoplasty Lecture

Tubular spine endoscopy: disc surgery

Dr Arvind Kulkarni

Tubular Spine Endoscopy: Disc Surgery Lecture

Tubular spine endoscopy: stenosis surgery

Dr Arvind Kulkarni

Tubular Spine Endoscopy: Stenosis Surgery Lecture

UBE disc surgery

Prof Hayati Aygün

UBE Disc Surgery Lecture

UBE lumbar stenosis surgery

Prof Hayati Aygün

Uniportal Bilateral Endoscopy Lumbar Stenosis Surgery Lecture

UBE cervical surgery

Prof Hayati Aygün

Uniportal Bilateral Endoscopy (UBE) Cervical Surgery Lecture

UBE thoracic surgery

Prof Hayati Aygün

UBE paravertebral approach

Prof Hayati Aygün

UBE Paravertebral Approach Lecture

Endoscopic stabilization

Prof Hayati Aygün

Endoscopic Stabilization Lecture

Interlaminar full endoscopic spine surgery

Dr Hyeun-Sung Kim

Interlaminar Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery Lecture

Uniportal full endoscopic decompression for spinal stenosis

Dr Hyeun-Sung Kim

Uniportal Full Endoscopic Decompression for Spinal Stenosis Lecture

Uniportal cervical spine surgery

Dr Hyeun-Sung Kim

Uniportal Cervical Spine Surgery Lecture
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