Residents’ Spine Programme

Enrolment Fee:

€149 per module

€649 for the full course

The Residents’ Spine Programme is an online course for all Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical Residents looking to boost their knowledge and skills in spine or obtain a spine fellowship.

The course includes:

60 Spine Lectures in 5 Modules

Each Module has 12 Lectures, with each lecture taken from our full Diploma in Spine Surgery


120 Quizzes and Assessments

Test your progress throughout the learning process.

Over 500 Downloadable References

Includes the same level of references as our Standard Package Diploma.

180 CME Credits

Each successful Lecture Assessment confers 3 CME Credits.

12 Months Access

The Lectures are available for 12 months from the time you activate the full course.

Certificate of Completion

Digital certificate will be sent to you once all Lecture Assessments are completed successfully.

Why study this course?

World-class spine education

All the lectures are taken from our full Diploma in Spine Surgery, so you benefit from the teachings of our exceptionally experienced spine faculty.

Fits around your schedule

With our online courses, you can study whenever you like, wherever you are – and fit it around your busy schedule.


CME Accredited

Read a textbook on spine surgery and no-one will know, but complete our course and you will gain 180 CME Credits as proof of your interest to put on your CV / Resume.

Progress your career

Completing this course gives you the solid knowledge foundation required for our Diploma, and sets you apart when applying for Spine Fellowships.


It takes approximately 3 hours of study to complete each Lecture, with study material and references readily available for those who want to find out more. Each Module can be completed in 2-3 months, and the whole Programme in 6-12 months.

You can enrol and start the Residents’ Spine Programme immediately. Either enrol on the full programme at once and save €96, or spread the cost by enrolling on individual modules for €149 each.

Residents’ Spine Programme

Enrolment Fee: €649

Residents' Spine Programme course cover
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  • 60 Online Spine Lectures
  • 120 Quizzes and Assessments
  • Over 500 Downloadable References
  • 180 CME Credits
  • 12 Month Access

Learning Objectives of this Module:

To provide residents with a solid understanding of the principal pathologies, diagnostic techniques and treatment strategies to manage patients with spinal disorders. It is qualified by objectively measurable criteria of knowledge and skills.

This is reached by:

  • Enabling the candidate to cover the fundamentals of spine surgery through the guidance of basic knowledge lectures given by experts in the field by means of an ‘interactive textbook’.
  • Enabling the candidate to access pre-selected additional knowledge resources to enhance his/her knowledge and skills in the field of spine surgery beyond the basic knowledge.
  • Mastering knowledge of the anatomy relevant to the various surgical accesses used in spine surgery.
  • Enabling the candidate to analyse and accurately diagnose the principal spinal disorders and to propose appropriate and effective treatments.
  • Enabling the candidate to choose and apply the correct patient outcome tools for appropriate follow up.

Modules of this course

Module 1 - Residents' Spine Programme

Enrolment Fee: €149

Enrol on Module 1
Residents' Spine Programme Module RP1
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Learning Objectives of this Module:

  1. To understand the basic pathways to spinal pain.
  2. To understand the pathophysiology, natural history and diagnostic workup of cervical radiculopathy, and its non-operative management.
  3. To understand the role of imaging in degenerative lumbar disease, the diagnostic workup of lumbar radiculopathy, the management of non-specific low back pain and non-operative management options.
  4. To understand imaging modalities, and classification systems for cervical and lumbar fractures.

Module 2 - Residents' Spine Programme

Enrolment Fee: €149

Enrol on Module 2
Residents' Spine Programme Module RP2
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Learning Objectives of this Module:

  1. Understand the surgical anatomy of the spine
  2. Understand the pathology, natural history and non-operative management of cervical myelopathy.
  3. Understand the epidemiology, pathogenesis, natural history and risk factors of lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spondylosis
  4. Understand the surgical and non-surgical options for the treatment of lumbar spondylosis
  5. Understand the psychosocial factors in low back pain conditions
  6. Understand the basics of non-surgical treatment of spinal stenosis
  7. Understand the clinical presentation and diagnostic work up of spine trauma cases and indications for conservative treatment of thoracolumbar spine fractures.

Module 3 - Residents' Spine Programme

Enrolment Fee: €149

Enrol on Module 3
Residents' Spine Programme Module RP3
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Learning Objectives of this Module:

  1. Understand the epidemiology, diagnosis, classification and surgical treatment of degenerative spondylolisthesis
  2. Understand the role of imaging and indications for brace treatment in paediatric deformity
  3. Understand the natural history of idiopathic scoliosis and bone fusion in spinal deformity
  4. Understand the diagnosis, staging and surgical treatment options in spinal metastatic disease
  5. Understand the principles of antibiotic treatment of infections in the spine

Module 4 - Residents' Spine Programme

Enrolment Fee: €149

Enrol on Module 4
Residents' Spine Programme Module RP4
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Learning Objectives of this Module:

  1. Understand the non-operative management of cervical myelopathy
  2. Understand the evaluation and treatment of sacroilliac joint pain
  3. Understand the assessment and treatment options in degenerative scoliosis, kyphosis and stenosis
  4. Understand the anatomy, imaging and classification of fractures in the upper cervical spine
  5. Understand the diagnosis of primary tumours in the spine
  6. Understand the treatment of wound infections and neurological complications in spine surgery

Module 5 - Residents' Spine Programme

Enrolment Fee: €149

Enrol on Module 5
Residents' Spine Programme Module RP5
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Learning Objectives of this Module:

  1. Understand the disease continuum from degeneration to new onset deformity
  2. Understand the natural history, diagnosis and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis
  3. Understand the diagnosis and treatment of high grade spondylolisthesis
  4. Understand indications, techniques and strategy in posterior approaches to the paediatric spine
  5. Understand the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of chrondrosarcomas, giant cell tumours, chordomas and aneurysmal bone cysts
  6. Understand the diagnosis and treatment of instability in the occipito-atlantoaxial spine
  7. Understand post-operative wound problems in more detail

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