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Spine Surgery Education Programme Diploma

Diploma in Spine Surgery

A comprehensive Masters-level course in spine surgery, endorsed by theĀ European Spine Journal, and CME accredited by the EACCME. Ideal for Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons and Spine Fellows.

Spine Surgery Education Programme Diploma

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Programme

This programme provides surgeons with a thorough grounding in the theory and the current uses of endoscopic spine surgery techniques, and assumes no prior knowledge of endoscopic surgery.

Residents' Spine Programme image

Residents’ Spine Programme

For Resident Doctors and Medical Professionals who want to start specialising in spine surgery.

Spine Radiology Specialist Certificate Image

Spine Radiology Specialist Certificate

Ideal not just for Radiologists, but also Surgeons and Physical Therapists and related Medical Professionals looking to improve their spine-specific imaging knowledge of degeneration, deformity and trauma.

Spine Physiotherapist Specialist Certificate Image

Spine Physiotherapy Specialist Certificate

For Physical Therapists / Physiotherapists looking for in-depth knowledge on non-operative management of spine conditions.

Spine Trauma Specialist Certificate Image

Spine Trauma Specialist Certificate

For Trauma Surgeons and Physicians working in emergency rooms of trauma referral centres.