Spine Modules

Individual Modules from our Diploma in Spine Surgery. Study specific spine topics in-depth, or work through them one-by-one to spread out the cost of the Diploma.

Our Spine Surgery Modules are from our Diploma in Spine Surgery. Each Module can be enrolled onto individually for in-depth study on a specific topic. Alternatively, you can enrol Module-by-Module and the Surgical Strategy Assessment to help spread out the cost of the Diploma.

Our Diploma and Modules are designed for the educational needs of Spine Surgeons and Spine Fellows. These spine surgery courses are the most direct route to a qualification in Spine Surgery.

Click on the Module images below to find out more information on each Module, and how to enrol:

Module 1: Basic Science
Module 2: Degenerative Disorders of the Cervical Spine
Module 3: Degenerative Disorders of the Lumbar Spine
Module 4: Adult Spinal Deformity
Module 5: Paediatric Spinal Deformity
Module 6: Spine Trauma and Fractures
Module 7: Spinal Tumours
Module 8: Infections and Inflammation in Spinal Surgery
Module 9: Spine Surgery Complications and Revisions

Diploma in Spine Surgery

All these Modules come from our comprehensive Masters-level Diploma in Spine Surgery. The Diploma includes 180 online Spine Lectures, 8 Live Tutorials, 16 surgical access films, 1 Surgical Skills Assessment, up to 4200 downloadable references and as many as 540 CME Credits.

If you need an in-depth education programme, with the evidence-base for the current gold-standard spine surgery practices, this is the course for you.

Educational Grants and Bursaries are available for the Diploma in Spine Surgery and can help to significantly reduce the cost, depending on your circumstances.