Online spine surgery courses for spine fellows

eccElearning provides the most direct and comprehensive route to a qualification in spine surgery

Boost your knowledge and distinguish yourself from others with our Diploma in Spine Surgery.

Whether you’ve been a Spine Fellow for a while, or you’re just starting to specialise in spine surgery, you can enhance your understanding of gold-standard spine surgery with online spine courses from eccElearning.

We offer the most comprehensive online Spine Surgery Education Programme available today. You can study using our Lectures, Specialist Certificates and Spine Modules, all the way up to the full Masters-Level Diploma in Spine Surgery

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Learn more spine online

The most direct and comprehensive route to qualification in spine surgery for Spine Fellows

Online Spine Surgery Lectures

Full spine curriculum

If you have a gap in your spine surgery knowledge, we can fill it. Our programme is structured in 9 Modules, each tackling a broad spine subject area in-depth.

Recognised educational excellence

Endorsed by the European Spine Journal, and with up to 540 CME Credits over the whole programme, you can be sure that your study will be recognised wherever you go.

Always up-to-date

Our courses are revised & updated with the research, literature and techniques used in current gold-standard spine surgery.

Global spine education

Available anywhere with an internet connection, get world-class spine education instantly, at your convenience.

Fits around your schedule

Revision has never been easier! View, repeat and review Lectures. Download & view references as often as you need.

Hours study (7-9hrs study per week)

World-class spine expertise

Learn from the best spine experts in the world – experienced spine surgeons, professors, scientists, radiologists, past and current editors of spine journals and more

Our 180 online spine Lectures are delivered by over 130 world-class spine surgeons and scientists – including 32 full professors.

World-Class Spine Surgery Faculty

Get direct feedback from experienced spine surgeons

Our Module Tutorials and Surgical Skills Assessment provide opportunities to have your skills, knowledge and understanding assessed by experienced spine surgeons directly – either in-person or online.

Live Module Tutorials

Sharpen your clinical skills by applying knowledge learned from our Lectures to real-life cases. They are case-based discussions, either online with a surgeon, or an in-person group discussion under the tutelage of an experienced spine surgeon

Surgical Skills Assessment

Perform a spine surgery and obtain valuable feedback from a review by experienced Spine Surgeons. This is the final stage in acquiring the Diploma in Spine Surgery 

Instant access to extras

Up to 50 downloadable additional materials included with each Lecture – all available instantly, one click away.

Additional downloadable materials available across the full Programme


Videos from the OOT


Book Chapters from all the major publishers


Full articles from spine journals

Your recommended spine courses

Diploma in Spine Surgery – 540 CME Credits

A comprehensive Masters-level Diploma in Spine Surgery for Spine Fellows and Spine Fellowships. 180 online Spine Lectures, 8 Live Tutorials, 16 Surgical Access Films, a Surgical Skills Assessment, up to 4200 downloadable references and as many as 540 CME Credits. It is the most direct route to a qualification in spine surgery.

Educational Grants and Bursaries are available for the Diploma and can help to significantly reduce the cost, depending on your circumstances.

Modules – spread out the cost of the Diploma

Modules can be purchased individually and in any order to help spread out the cost of the Diploma. Each Module is focused on a specific topic, such as degenerative disorders or spinal deformity.

Modules include online lectures, pre- and post- learning assessments, full reference list, additional learning materials, including videos, book chapters and journal articles, a live tutorial (for Modules 2-9) and a Module examination.

Educational Grants and Bursaries are available for Modules and can help to significantly reduce the cost, depending on your circumstances.

Let us know what you need

We can help you take the next step from Spine Fellow to being a practicing spine surgeon. Get in contact with us to talk through what your needs are, and we’ll put together a package for you.

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