Prof Norbert Boos

eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme Faculty

Prof Norbert Boos is a highly experienced Spine Surgeon and a key member of the eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme faculty.

The Spine Surgery Education Programme contains 180 Spine Surgery Lectures, and contains Specialist Certificates and the full Postgraduate Diploma in Spine Surgery.

The eccElearning Spine Surgery Faculty is made up of over 140 expert spine surgeons and educators. They have collectively supported the development of the world’s first comprehensive, online postgraduate education programme in a medical sub-speciality, spine surgery.

Prof Norbert Boos

Norbert Boos, Dr med

  • Managing Partner, Prodorso Zentrum für Wirbelsäulenmedizin, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Deputy Editor, European Spine Journal
  • Founding Member, AOSpine

Contributions of Prof Norbert Boos

Module: Basic Science

DOI 10.28962/01.2.001

Prof Norbert Boos edits this module, which provides an in-depth overview of the basics of spinal disorders and primes students with fundamental knowledge for other modules.

Lecture: History and Physical Assessment

DOI 10.28962/01.3.013

This lecture, written and narrated by Prof Norbert Boos, covers the history and physical assessment of spinal disorders. It has a particular focus on back pain as this is the most common complaint in patients.

Lecture: Pathways to Spinal Pain

DOI 10.28962/01.3.005

In this lecture, the pathways of all major types of pain are discussed, ranging from those having physical origins to the pathological ones. Also discussed are the problems arising from the abnormal perception of pain and their implications in the biopsychosocial model.