Dr Andrea Luca

eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme Faculty

Dr Andrea Luca is a highly experienced Spine Surgeon and a key member of the eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme faculty. The Spine Surgery Education Programme contains 180 Spine Surgery Lectures, and contains Specialist Certificates and the full Postgraduate Diploma in Spine Surgery. The eccElearning Faculty is made up of over 140 expert spine surgeons and educators. They have collectively supported the development of the world’s first comprehensive, online postgraduate education programme in a medical sub-speciality, spine surgery.

Dr Andrea Luca, MD

  • Spinal Unit III – Scoliosis IRCCS Galeazzi – Milan, Italy

Contributions of Dr Andrea Luca

Early Onset Scoliosis Specificity of Treatment Lecture Thumbnail

Lecture: Secondary Scoliosis Specific Treatment

DOI 10.28962/01.3.088

This spine surgery lecture was written and narrated by Dr Andrea Luca and is about secondary scoliosis. The term “secondary scoliosis” refers to a heterogeneous group of spinal deformities which are not idiopathic, this meaning that the aetiology of the deformity is known.
Age of onset, natural history, pattern of progression, and symptoms may vary greatly depending on the underlying disease. Very often, comorbidities may further complicate the general health status interfering with the treatment.
Surgical approches and strategies may widely differ based on the aetiology of the deformity and the specificities of the case.
Complication rate is usually higher than AIS surgery: accurate preoperative planning and meticulous surgical technique is mandatory.