Dr Ahmed Bilal Khalique

eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme Faculty

Dr Ahmed Bilal Khalique is a highly experienced Spine Surgeon and a key member of the eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme faculty.

The Spine Surgery Education Programme contains 180 Spine Surgery Lectures, and contains Specialist Certificates and the full Postgraduate Diploma in Spine Surgery.

The eccElearning Spine Surgery Faculty is made up of over 140 expert spine surgeons and educators. They have collectively supported the development of the world’s first comprehensive, online postgraduate education programme in a medical sub-speciality, spine surgery.

Dr Ahmed Bilal Khalique, MD

  • Assistant Professor Orthopaedics, Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Contributions of Assistant Editor Dr Ahmed Bilal Khalique

Basic Science Module Thumbnail

Module: Basic Science

DOI 10.28962/01.2.001

This module provides a unique teaching tool of 23 lectures from experienced surgeons. It unifies complications from approaches to the spine on the one hand, and from the different pathologies on the other – disc herniation, decompression surgery, deformity surgery, trauma surgery and surgery in osteoporosis.

Degenerative Disorders of the Cervical Spine Module Thumbnail

Module: Degenerative Disorders of the Cervical Spine


This module is structured by reference to the anatomy, biomechanics and kinematics of the cervical spine.

Complications and Revision in Adult Deformity: Inadequate Correction and Implant Failure Lecture Thumbnail

Module: Degenerative Disorders of the Thoracolumbar Spine

DOI 10.28962/01.2.003

Covering the main pathologies of Degenerative Disorders of the thoracolumbar spine. These include disc herniation of the lumbar as well as the thoracic spine, spinal stenosis, spondylosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis.

Adult Deformity Module Thumbnail

Module: Adult Deformity

DOI 10.28962/01.2.004

This module extensively covers the different aspects of adult deformities in spinal disorders.

Paediatric Deformity Module Thumbnail

Module: Paediatric Deformity

DOI 10.28962/01.2.005

This module covers paediatric and adolescent deformities of the spine, their etiology, pathomorphology, imaging and clinical presentation, and classification.

Spine Trauma and Fractures Module Thumbnail

Module: Spine Trauma and Fractures

DOI 10.28962/01.2.006

This module, which deals with Spine Trauma and Fractures, and is sub-divided into trauma of the upper, middle/lower cervical spine, the thoracolumbar spine and the sacrum.