Topics in Spinal Fusion

An eccElearning Lecture Series sponsored by Kuros Biosciences

A series of eight CME-accredited online lectures recorded by eight pre-eminent spinal surgeons covering topics in spinal fusion.

These lectures are free for you to access thanks to an unconditional grant from Kuros Biosciences BV.

About this Lecture Series

This course is a series of eight AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent CME Credit online lectures recorded by pre-eminent spinal surgeons. Each lecture tackles an important, yet often over-looked, topic in the field of Spinal Fusion.


The Lecture Series has 8 online Lectures. Each Lecture includes a pre-Learning Quiz, Lecture Presentation – including references and downloadable additional learning  materials – and an online multiple choice question Assessment. Participants complete the Assessment for each Lecture and earn three CME credits or AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent for successful completion.

The lectures are:

  • Dr Alpesh Patel: Fusion Biology and Osteoimmunology
  • Dr Kornelis Poelstra: Use of Bone Graft Extenders and Enhancers in Spinal Surgery
  • Dr Faheem Sandhu: An Evidence-Based Case for Bone Grafts
  • Dr. Sigurd Berven: Segmental Fusion of the Spine – Considerations of Biology and Segmental Stability
  • Prof Hans-Jörg Meisel: Co-Morbidities in Spinal Fusion Surgery
  • Dr Andrew Sama: The Influence of Medication of Spinal Fusion
  • Prof R Todd Allen: Radiographic Assessment of Spinal Fusion
  • Prof Claudius Thomé: Bone Grafting in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Duration and Study Effort Required

It takes approximately 3 hours of study to complete each Lecture Presentation, Quiz and Assessment. The full lecture series will be available to you at all times for four months after starting your first lecture.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve and update your knowledge of the biology and osteoimmunology of spinal fusion
  • Improve and update your knowledge of bone graft extenders and enhancers
  • Review the evidence base for bone grafts in spinal fusion
  • Review the biology and segmental stability of segmental spinal fusion
  • Review the types and consequences of co-morbidities for spinal fusion candidates
  • Review the effect of medication on bone healing in spinal fusion
  • Review the methods, limitations and best practice in radiographic assessment of spinal pathologies
  • Review the different considerations, technologies and best practices when comparing open versus MIS surgery

Access this Lecture Series for free

You can access this lecture series for free, thanks to an unconditional grant from Kuros Biosciences BV. All you need to do is to claim your free Activation Key and register an account with eccElearning.

What the Lecture Series includes

8 Spinal Fusion Lectures

Each Lecture is presented by a pre-eminent spine surgeon and comes with a dynamic transcript and referenced and downloadable articles reflecting the evidence base.


16 Quizzes and Assessments

Test your progress throughout the learning process.

4 Months Access

The Lectures are available for 4 months from the time you start the first Lecture.

24 CME Credits

Each successful Lecture Assessment confers 3 AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent CME Credits.

Topics in Spinal Fusion

Kuros Biosciences Lecture Series

Enrolment Fee: Free

Simply claim your activation key and register an account with eccElearning to enjoy free access to the Kuros Biosciences Lecture Series on Topics in Spinal Fusion.

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